Monday, August 21, 2006

Tenth Golf Game of 2006

Par 4I played 18 holes at Old Landing Golf Course Sunday morning with Andy Southmayd and Sandy Schenck. It was a cool morning, cloudy, with a slight breeze. Rather a pleasant round, with good pace of play ahead of us, and no one piling up behind.

It was fun to put together my "home" golf buddy and my "work" golf buddy. We've all played together before, and I think this grouping works well. Sandy and Andy are closer to each other in skill. Both are helpful golf teachers as I struggle along.

I think both Andy and Sandy broke 100. I don't recall Sandy's final score, but Andy's 91 was, he says, a personal best. My 105 may have been mine. I thought I had a shot at breaking 100 when we made the turn, but I blew up on several holes on the back 9.

Alignment?We drove our round. I must admit that Cart 20 gave me some worries. I noticed as we pulled away from the first tee that it had a tendency to slide around; the steering was loose and slushy.

I took a closer look and found that the left front wheel appears to be out of alignment. It made the driving fun and adventurous.

It was a good round. We had fun. There were some great shots and some amusing miss-hits. I had a par or two and at least one shot at a birdie (lipped-out).

I was particularly pleased with how I finished. After flubbing and flailing along on 16 and 17, I hit a solid drive off the 18th tee, and a decent second shot to lay-up to the water on the par-5. I cleared the wide water to put my third just over the green. Unfortunately, I put that third shot into a green-side bunker.

I hate sand. It took me two to get out and two putts to get in the hole. Ah well.
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dana said...

Hi Mike - hope things are well, and also hope you will check out Jack Markell's Blog for Delaware over the next few days - we'll be LIVE blogging from the Tour de Delaware (Jack's cycling the whole state!)

thought you might be interested!

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