Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Miss Nancy!

Nancy Willing, often a blog commenter, is the newest to join the ranks of the Delaware bloggers.

Nancy has launched The Delaware Way.

She has been a consistent commenter on this and other blogs. She takes a dim view of the incumbent office-holders.
The Delaware Way is how our politicians use the system for their own personal gain. Let's turn the tables and game them for once.
I would say "welcome to the fray," but Nancy has been here a while. Now she has her own bit of Blog-Estate... Blog-Turf... Blurf?

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Nancy Willing said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Mike!!

I wish I had the photographic skills you have or the fun graphics trick of Dana and DWA's Mike to adorn my site but I shall hopefully fill it with plenty of color of the verbage type.

Still have to learn a few tricks and get the hang of linking etc..

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