Friday, August 25, 2006

Meet Mother Nature

We found ourselves a bit closer to nature in our otherwise suburban lives today.

Mantis 6This morning, I stopped at a WaWa for gas. After I started the pump, I walked to the front of the car to gaze out on the traffic on Route 113. When I turned back toward the car, I was startled by a bright green Praying Mantis posed on the newly red-painted bollard that's there to keep us from driving into the gas pumps.

I had to get out my camera and take a few pictures. It's not the first time I've found myself taking photos while pumping gas.

DeerThis afternoon, just after Colleen got home from school, a deer wandered through the neighborhood. Karen and the girls watched as it crossed our front yard. Colleen took this photo.

We've had deer in the neighborhood before, and I used to see a fox running around when we first moved here and there were only a few houses. But I hadn't seen anything like that for the last ten years or so.

A week or so back, a neighbor called one afternoon to tell Karen that a deer was headed through the back yard. It was gone by the time Karen got to the window.

I think this is due to the increasing development of the fields and farms in the around Lewes. Habitat is shrinking.
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habeeb said...

I had ants in my pants yesterday. Your musings are sophomoric

Mike said...

Well. Bless your heart.

Nancy Willing said...

maybe hebeeb drives a harley...too sensative or too loud!

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