Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Keep Wanting to Post Blog Entries With The Title "Irony!"

There's a Delaware Voice column in today's News Journal (New civic group will keep watch for public) about a new civic group set up to advocate for a more open government here in Delaware.

I don't disagree with the goals of the Delaware Coalition For Open Government. After all, a major part of my role as a state employee is to make information available to the public.

But the new group's acronym, DCFOG, just seems to pierce the haze a bit too sharply.
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Tara said...


How apropos.

Nancy Willing said...

My little foundling group FOHG feels as if we may have inspired this title a bit.....

Friends of Historic Glasgoe members under the SLAPP suit are being defended by David Finger and most of the members of the board are folks
i have been working with for the past year to do just this sort of muckraking wonkery...now that DE has an organized entity, I can relax...just a tad.

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