Sunday, August 6, 2006

Ninth Golf Game of 2006

Another ChallengeAndy Southmayd and I played a round at The Rookery this afternoon. It was hot. Very hot.

The Rookery is a great course. It is wide open, in places, with a variety of challenges, lots of water, and strategically placed trees.

I played like, well, crap. I have a pull, a knot, a strain, or something in my left shoulder. My range of motion is affected, though I thought I'd be able to swing without too much trouble. Not so much.

Either I was topping the ball, which I thought I had cured, or I was hitting weak shots with odd, counter-productive spin. I think I was unconsciously correcting, over-correcting, for my shoulder.

Several shots were not bad, but it was not a memorable round. At least not for any good reason.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I did sink some long putts that I would be crowing about if it weren't for the fact that the best, longest putts I sank were all in the service of horrendous, blow-up hole scores.
"Woo-hoo! Great putt! Way to read that green! What'd you get?"

"An eight."

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ColossusHube said...

I feel your pain, Mike. Although, I was fortunate to card an 85 at Chesapeake Bay (NE) yesterday in said sweltering heat. As my daughter has gotten older, I've had more time to work on my game, and it seems it's finally paying off. I may actually have more rounds in the 80s than 90s for the first time, well, ever.

The Rookery is indeed a great course. I play there at least once per year when I hit Lewes for a few days' vacation. I've been lucky enough to play well there. The fairways are unusually soft, and this makes out great for players that like to take decent-sized divots to get a lot of spin.

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