Saturday, March 26, 2005

First Golf Game of 2005

I played 18 holes yesterday at Lighthouse Sound, just outside Ocean City, MD. I played rather badly (unoffical score: 126 strokes [But hey, it was raining to 40 degrees!]), but still saw signs of hope. There were several golf shots that actually looked like golf shots. The occasional putt drained impressively. There were even a few holes on which I had a shot at par (not that I ever made par, but still....).

Golf is one of those games which no one can always play well, but almost everyone gets at least one shot each round that brings hope and that brings them back for the next.

I played with Andy, who has taught me the game; Rich, who has long been Andy's golf buddy; and Sandy, a colleague from my life as a spatial data coordinator. It was something of a risk, bring together friends from my work life and friends from my home life, but I was pleased with the mix; we all had a great time, plenty of laughs, and everyone made some impressive shots.

After, Sandy had to head back to Newark. Andy, Rich and I were joined by our lovely wives for a wonderful dinner at the club's restaurant.

All things considered, it was a very pleasant day.

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