Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In a County Park

TreeI took a walk/jog in a local park this noon. I needed some exercise, but didn't feel like a ramble on the treadmill at the YMCA. So I headed over to Brecknock Park, a Kent County Park just south of Dover.

I was able to work up a sweat, grab a few photos, and head back to the one shower in the first floor men's room at our office.

Brecknock Park includes a woodland trail that runs along Isaac Branch past the park, along the edges of a few subdivisions, past a high school and an elementary school.

There's plenty of pocket greenspace flora and fauna to see. Early in my wanderings, I startled a small snake on the path. It was too fast for me to get the camera up, let alone on, and snap a picture. It was nice to see it, though.

I took a lunchtime walk here back in November of last year. I made a small photo set from that walk, and another from today's.


Nancy Willing said...

nice!! so your new digs allow for an on site shower? That is a super plan that abets healthy exercise breaks away from the office

Mike said...

Yup. It's not a full locker room, just one shower stall in the Men's room (and I assume the Women's). It's a start, though.

Anna Venger said...


I sure hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you. You're it. Won't you play?

Nancy Willing said...

I like your new watery mysterious ID picture.

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