Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Questions I Ask Myself on Reading Some of the Latest Delaware Headlines

I took a peek at some of the stories that the News Journal is working up for the news on Wednesday. A couple of questions come to my mind.

Didn't we see this coming? Bobby Jacobs now faces forgery and theft charges related to his management of the Slam Dunk to the Beach basket ball tournament. Also, what took so long? And where is Bobby? (Print version, from 8/9/06)

Where do they get the seasonal cops for Dewey Beach? Two off-duty Dewey summer police officers are under investigation for allegedly drinking with an under-age woman on the Girls Gone Wild tour bus recently. Also, why has it taken so long for Girls Gone Wild to roll into Dewey? Oh, and, on a personal note: ew.

Update (8/9/06: 06:49 a.m.): The more complete, print version this morning, suggests that there may be more, or less, here than first suggested.
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Nancy Willing said...

only in Sussex??..just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Hey the seasonal COPS just wanted to look cool in the GGW Van. And, yes, why did it take so long for the GGW to get to Dewey Beach???? Maybe the WNJ can do a story on this????

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