Thursday, August 31, 2006

It Does Appear That We Have Become a Very Litigious Society

The dueling Yellow Pages both arrived within a few days of each other recently; the Yellow Book and the Verizon Yellow Pages.

Both are slavered with ads, of course, but one had a 3-by-3-inch square refrigerator magnet loose-glued to its cover. It features a smiling Kelly Gelof under the large red question -- INJURED? -- and phone numbers for several offices of the law firm Tunnell & Raysor.

I can't blame Tunnell & Raysor for advertising their services. And there's nothing at all wrong with the services they offer. I just can't help wondering what tale our refrigerator magnets tell about us.

Toilet fouled? Here's the plumber's number.

Lights flickering? Call the electrician?

Flue feeling sooty? Dial-a-chimney sweep.

Auto accident? Wrongful death? Personal injury? Call Kelly!
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