Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look! Up in the Sky!

It seems some folks were little shook-up in San Diego last week when, just after the announcement of the arrests for an alleged terrorist plot in London, a skywriter flew what appeared to be the word "BOO!" above that California City.

Only it wasn't "BOO!" It was "3001," the name of a company that provides aerial photography services.

According to an item in a column today by Diane Bell, in the Union-Tribune, the folks at 3001 were advertising themselves to the 12,000 (or more) GIS professionals in town for the annual, week-long ESRI GIS Conference.

The ESRI conference is a major event in the GIS calendar. I had heard that the crowd was up to 15,000 this year. Maybe it just seemed that way.

I've attended this event few times in the past; it is huge. The notion of a skywriter overhead doesn't surprise me in the least. My friend Matt was there this year. He remembers the skywriter. He says that no one at the ESRI event that evening, their annual Thursday night, outdoor, themed party, thought it was anything other than 3001's ad.

That, my friends, is what you call "specialty advertising."

I owe a debt to Adena Schutzberg at All Points Blog for a pointer to this item, by the way. Also, I have a few alternate titles for this post to consider: "The Plane! The Plane!" or "Surrender, Jack Dangermond! Surrender!"

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