Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogroll Changes

I've been meaning to make some changes to how I maintain and publish my blogroll. I finally went for it this evening.

I have been using BlogRolling, which is a handy little service. I found it limiting though. I wanted to start classifying blogs and linking to them by type. That would have required the paid upgrade on BlogRolling. Sometimes I'm just cheap.

Meanwhile, I've been playing more and more with and getting excited about "tagging." There are some easy little javascript ways to post lists of tagged items from to your blog.

This evening, I went through my blogroll and tagged all of the blogs I link to with appropriate tags that let me create collections of Blogs in General, Delaware News Blogs, and political blogs On the Left and On the Right.

I think almost everything I had listed is still there. I did drop a few that are dormant or have lost my interest. Notably I have left Delaware Views Journal off the list. This blog is remarkable for never having had any content at all. I got tired of waiting.

Have a look. Let me know if anything looks wrong.
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dana said...

ohhh i'm upset you took off Blog for Delaware - did we lose your interest?

Mike said...

Nope. You got lost in the tags I added at I think I have it straightened out. Thanks for catching that!

dana said...

oh ok good to know. thanks!

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