Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And Now: High School

Colleen, First Day of High School, 8/28/06Colleen started high school this week. Here's her traditional "First Day of School" photo; the first in a few years without Christina at her side. Christina starts her journey through fifth grade next week. We'll take her "First Day" picture then.

Colleen is now going to Sussex Technical High School. It started as a vocational/technical school, but has become one of the better academic schools in our area. We think it will work well for her.

Though school started yesterday, Colleen has been going to the school for a few weeks now. She had a two-week band camp to get acquainted with the school, as well as two "freshman days." She's playing bass in the Tech marching band.

Being part of that group, which includes kids from all grades, has been a great help. She is already part of a crowd.

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Nancy Willing said...

Band involvement correlates well with a myriad of successes, and I have heard very good things about this school. Good Luck to Colleen!

Donviti said...

I got mine in volleyball. Yours is just as beautiful as mine is....I think it is the Lord's way of punishing me for being a dog in highschool.

good luck!

Ryan S. said...

Whoo! Go band!

Some of my very good friends at UD went to Sussex Tech, and I have heard wonderful things. Good luck, Colleen!

KB3JUV said...

That's absolutely fantastic! Last year was my senior year at Tech, and I played the Electric Guitar. That's great to see Mr. Ables is keeping up with the electric in the front.

Will she be playing with an guitar out there?

Also Mike, just started reading your blog. I actually found you by searching SDSA, which I also went to. I get some of your GIS stuff in my e-mail as I'm a member of that DE-GIS reflector. I'm looking into GIS for some of the communications stuff I do for Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA). You may want to check out some of the stuff I do at http://kb3juv.blogspot.com

What a coincidence!

Anyway best of luck to all of you!

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