Wednesday, November 2, 2005

A Walk in the Park

Trees and a Walking Trail
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Today at noon I put on my sneakers and, still in my khakis and (semi)dress shirt, I took a leisurely photo-stroll in Breck Nock Park. It was a warm, yet crisp, fall day.

Breck Nock is a Kent County Park just south of Dover. It was an historic farm that has recently become a park. There's a large playground, a football field, soccer fields, volleyball courts, a nature center, and a trail through woods and fields.

It was a nice way to spend an Indian Summer lunch hour.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think anyone cares about your walking? What a fascinating life you must lead.

The Delawarean said...

Actually, I find it enlightening. I had no idea that park even existed, and now I do. A possible destination some weekend.

Mike, as a side note, you may want to think about hiring Gallup to conduct some polls on any future posts to make sure they pass the "interesting" test. You know, you wouldn't want to waste anyone elses time...

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Go with the polls. You must be a democrat.

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