Monday, January 1, 2007

Looking Back on 2006

As we head into what is starting out as a very rainy 2007, I thought I'd take a few moments to look back on my on-line life in 2006.

I posted 1,491 of my photos on flickr in 2006. In 2005, my first year there, I had posted only 656. I only started in April of that year, though, and didn't hit my stride as a photo-hobbyist until around July of 2005.

Flickr in 2006 -
My busiest month in 2006 was July, when I posted 212 pictures. That's not surprising, as that is the month we in which we spend time at the Tyler Place, in Vermont. On the way up to Vermont this year, we also played tourist at the Statue of Liberty and at Mystic Seaport and Aquarium.

The irony is that, because I traditionally swear-off on-line life while on vacation, July is also the month when I spent the least amount of time at my computer.

I posted 247 entries to Mike's Musings in 2006. In 2005, I had posted 272 times. Perhaps I'm getting more selective? More busy? Less creative?

Blog Posts in 2006 -
My busiest blog-posting month in 2006 was August. I have no idea why.

In looking back on 2006, I thought I'd take a tour through all 12 months, to see what was uppermost in my mind in each. I've tried to pull a representative post from each month:
  1. January: I recorded A Walk Around The Point of Cape Henlopen. This was a photo-walk with Christina.
  2. February: I reflected on driving at night in a post titled Snowy Fields, Full Moon.
  3. March: Another photo-walk, this time recording Some of What We Found at the Botanical Gardens. I visited there with my colleague Sandy while we were at a conference in DC.
  4. April: Another memory post, now looking back to my college days, visiting a frozen lake in Maine, Midwinter.
  5. May: At the end of the month, we were already back on the beach. Which led me to the thought "And So We Begin Again."
  6. June: One day I saw a person I could only describe as a Senior Delinquent.
  7. July: A story in the local paper had me reflecting on guest workers and that notion that We Do Welcome Guest Workers in my city of Lewes.
  8. August: We attended A Symphony Orchestra Concert at Lewes.
  9. September: I reflected, as I often do in September, on my incredible luck in finding and marrying Karen. I wrote Our Marriage Turned 18 Today.
  10. October: I found A Cause Worth a Donation in a scholarship fund set up in memory of former Lewes Mayor George H.P. Smith.
  11. November: I started noting rants from out-of-state bloggers about Delaware's stretch of I-95. That had me wondering, "Does Delaware Need a better PR Firm?"
  12. December: The phrase "The Curve of Your Laugh" set me off into another memory of life with Karen
I think it was a good year, at least in my efforts to find art in life. There was much to mourn in the world around us, but I always try to find beauty.


David said...

Happy New Year! I hope you will include in your Delaware blogs. I am glad you found your visit interesting. I hope you visit August archives and see my comment in response to yours when you visit next time.

Mike Mahaffie said...

You are in there, David. Thanks for stopping by!

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