Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow at Last!

First Snow
It snowed in Lewes, Delaware, this morning. Unless I'm forgetting something, this is the first snow we've seen this season. And it wasn't much, just a healthy flurry of big, fluffy flakes. And we're still within about a week of seeing mid-January temperatures in the mid- to upper-sixties. Odd weather.

It has been a strange winter. Our temperatures have been above normal, and much of the rest of the nation is seeing devastating ice-storms, which may be a result of higher winter temperatures. I believe that colder temps would have made much of that mass of ice simply snow instead, which the American heartland can deal with rather well.

I should say that this is not the first snow I've seen this winter. There were some flakes mixed-in with a very cold rain up in Dover on Thursday. And I understand there were flakes in the skies of New Castle County this week.

Indonesian blogger Dino, newly arrived to study at the University of Delaware, saw what seems like his first snowflakes on Thursday in Newark:
It was beautiful seeing the tiny white snow flake falling from the sky. I tried to take picture of it but my camera can’t capture the tiny white snow flake in the air. It’s too bad because I want to show it to my family in Indonesia.
I did manage to capture a few flakes in a photo this morning. But that may just be because they were the very large, slow-moving sort.

The two snow shots I posted this morning, by the way, are the first photographs that I have posted on-line since January 5. That's a long dry spell for me. My lower back problems, and the resulting sciatic pain, have kept me from my habitual wandering-with-camera walks around Lewes and Dover. I haven't even really felt like photo-exploring from behind the wheel of my Prius, either.

I need to get past that.

The snow fell here between about 8:00 and 8:30 a.m.. As I write this, a bit past nine, the skies are bright and sunny, though a cold wind is blowing.


Dino said...

Before I arrive in Delaware, I have done some research through the internet about the weather in Delaware. Now that I am here in Delaware, the weather seems to be different from what I have learned. But a few friends have to told me that this year is different than last year. Well, I want to be like last year with thick snow, but not too long cause I'm starting my class soon :-)
Oh ya, I finally achieved taking picture of the snow.

Anonymous said...

My wife and children and I have a yearly ritual of pulling out the calendar and picking a day on which we think the first measurable snow will fall. Closest wins a "prize." We had gotten to the point where we expected to have to ditch the competition or pick new dates. My daughter is thrilled that it snowed three days before her pick - the last on the calendar! If you don't like the weather in Delaware just wait five minutes.

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