Sunday, November 26, 2006

Does Delaware Need a Better PR Firm?

There's another Washingtonian who is annoyed by traffic on I-95 in Delaware. Well, another who has blogged about it. I'm sure there are more who haven't.

The unnamed author of a blog named "Time I'll Never Get Back" has written two posts about the holiday and Delaware's section of I-95.

In the first, a Travel Advisory last Monday, she noted that "Delaware is acting like the bratty child we always knew it was." She was annoyed by the lane closures related to bridge construction.

She first warned fellow-travelers to avoid Delaware during the holidays, then posted an update, based on reporting in the Washington Post, that the lane closures may be out of the way by the heavy travel part of the holiday. She still objected to having to pay the toll, though.

After a pleasant family interlude somewhere north of Delaware, Miss Time returned to DC yesterday and avoided the nasty back-ups of I-95 in Delaware by taking some other road than I-95. She complains about her brother not having told her this secret to painless travel before her drive north, but was pleased to have worked out out for her return trip.

Do people not realize that there are other roads than I-95 in Delaware? Are there no maps? Or is hating Delaware just too popular a pass-time?

UPDATE: Of course, back-roading it is not always the best idea.


miriam said...

If Delaware is so awful, why is it the second most popular site for people moving from other states?

Like me?

jason said...

Miriam -

Cuz if you move here you don't have to drive on 95 over the holidays.

Mike - I posted a comment at her site in an attempt to stir up even more Delaware hatred.

Nancy Willing said...

If Delaware is so awful, why is it the second most popular site for people moving from other states?
Jeepers Miriam
We sell the hell out of this state as Tax Free Heaven....
Come one come all.

tingb said...

Surely you'd rather endure some gripes about traffic in your state than have us clogging your backroads in order to avoid I-95? The deeper we travel into Delaware, the more likely we are to see (per Jason) the sedan chairs and palm fronds, and then we'll be REALLY mad.

Regardless, you'll (I hope) hear no more DE traffic complaints from me.

Mike said...


Despite some asperity in some of the comments, let me just say that we rather enjoy hearing other folks complain about our state. It gives us a nice feeling of intrastate solidarity, of which we probably need more.

I didn't mean to single you out. I've made a sport lately of finding out-of-state Delaware-rants. It's an easy way to find blog-content.

That all said, congratulations for finding any work-around around I-95 messes. With luck, the addition of at-speed toll collection along 95 will help. We hope.

Anonymous said...

"tax free heaven" and i still can't get an ikea in new castle county?

95 is a bear sometimes, but only because people insist on having two homes (one in the city and one at the beach) DE is the east coast rest stop! emphasis is occasionally on "stop" ;)

tingb said...

No worries! And I'll give the at-speed tolls a shot when they open.

miriam said...

Galaxy girl:
We said the shopping was tax-free, didn't we? We never said there was anywhere TO shop.

There's an Ikea in Philadelphia and one in the Baltimore suburbs. But you have to pay the dreaded sales tax.

Donviti said...

there are maps of De the problem is all the new roads never seem to appear.

Mapquest is terrible

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