Monday, May 29, 2006

And So We Begin Again

Summer arrived this week-end. It drove down from Pennsylvania late on Friday afternoon, having skipped out of work an hour or so early.

At least, that's how it seems. I feel like it was only last week, or the week before, that we were starting to have warmer days. And now? Overnight, we've started another summer beach season.

Memorial Day Weekend, 2006, has been a hot three days. There are plenty of tourists here for the sand and sun. Lewes and Rehoboth both have newly gussied-up main drags. Rehoboth has a wider beach.

We spent some time Saturday on the beach at North Bethany with parts of my family. Today, we spent the afternoon on the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park.

So here we are again. Traffic. Rude drivers. Families in our restaurants after a day on the beach during which their smallest members have become over-tired, over baked, over-stimulated and on the edge of a breakdown. It can get ugly.

On the other hand, we live at the beach. We can spend an entire day in the surf and still be home in our own living room, cleaned in our own showers, with our cats on our laps, after a very brief drive. That may just make it all worthwhile.

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Amanda said...

I had to go to Rehoboth to pick up a few things this past weekend.

I was scared. Utterly. Scared.

What's up with these out-of-towners and their horrible driving? :\

The kids look like they were really enjoying the beach!

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