Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gus Gets Elected

GusI was pleased to see (on First State Politics) that WG Edmanson has won the special election for the 5th District seat on Kent County's Levy Court.

I ran into Mr. Edmanson at Spence's Bazaar back the end of October. I was charmed by his choice to campaign at that flea market so I stopped to chat and ended up using this photo in part of a post on the fall election.

Someone told me that Mr. Edmanson goes by "Gus." I have no idea whether that's true or not, but it worked for my headline, so I decided to go with it.

At that point, Gus was running for the at-large seat. He lost that election, but decided to run again for the seat left vacant by Don Blakey's win in a race for a seat in the General Assembly.

Don and Dolores BlakeyOf course, I also have a photo of Mr. Blakey (with his lovely wife Dolores) from Returns Day. I got to know both Blakeys years ago when we performed together in a community theater production of Big River.

It was fun to watch his run for General Assembly and great to see him celebrate the victory at Returns Day. I saw him again a few days later coming in the front door of Legislative Hall to check out his new office.

It's funny how these things line up sometimes.


Nancy Willing said...

I thought my server was busting my chops for a sec with this photo. I remember it well!

And it goes a long way towards introducing folks to the new levy court officer.

They are a gaga over at FSP over the win, understandably with the drought of GOPer backing in general in DE these days. Dave posted a link to the results details that reveal the the Independent took approx 20% of the vote, leaving a handful of votes margin to the winner.

For good or ill to my party I sure would like to see a run-off system implemented across all levels of government for a clear 51% victory.

galaxy girl said...

thanks for the shot of Spence's bazaar - it takes me back for sure!

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