Thursday, January 4, 2007

One More On Transitions

David A., who blogs semi-anonymously and quasi-regularly as "The Delaware Right," is terribly upset at the Democratic take-over in Washington. He calls today "A Dark Day in Our Country's History."

I would respond to his doom-seeing on his blog, but Mr. A. has his comments turned resolutely off.


Nancy Willing said...

Wow, DEMs were that upset when the GOPers actualy stold the election in 2000 and again (I reckon)in 2004.
2006 was the word and will of the American people and it sure gives me great hope.

The WNJ today has Biden saying that Bushco is going to delay the withdrawl from Iraq until the next president gets in office.

For one, does his theory preclude another GOPer executive pick?
and did he pass the appropriation of funds to the Pentagon?

David said...

I personally wanted to wait until the Dem's actually took power and set an agenda to criticize them.

I hate to say it, but they are making a sham of ethics reform. They are undermining the warriors in the field. When Sec. Gates went to Iraq, the soldiers in the field from Col.'s to Pvt.'s told him we needed more troops. The Baker-Hamilton Report allowed for a temporary surge to regain order. Now the Democrats who praised Gates and Baker. would rather demagogue the war rather than win it. Shame on them.

If you want to support the troops, let them win so we can all come home. Anything else is spitting on the graves of the fallen. I think we need to give the new Demagogic Party a lesson on the 7 core Army Values.

We could use a little honor, selfless service, courage, and integrity in Congress. How about respecting the sacrifice made? What about showing loyalty to those who are counting on us. We abandoned the Iraqi Shitites and Kurds once before. How about are duty to posterity? Look around the world. When the Islamic extremists are left unchecked they become a terror to freedom loving people or anyone who disagrees or even appears to disagree with them.

This is not Viet Nam. They will keep after us until they defeat us. They did not start attacking us in Iraq, they will not stop if we leave prematurely. We have no choice but to win. So stop being spoiled brat arm chair Americans and roll up your sleeves and support our troops in victory.

Liberty or death used to be our slogan. Let it be again and no one will defeat us. No one can defeat the United States of America, but Americans.

Sorry, I had to vent got me started. Happy New Year.

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