Sunday, January 21, 2007

If Ya Can't Beat 'Em?

Delaware's public discourse is increasingly moving into the world of blogs.

Kent County realtor Phil McGinnis has started a blog called Kent Delaware Land Use Issues. He's used his first post to posit some arguments against the subdivision moratorium enacted last week by the Kent County Levy Court.

I imagine that he noticed the effectiveness of blogs in the recent election, which brought new Levy Court Commissioners into office with a mandate to do something about the pace of growth in the county.


Brian Mann said...

Hey Mike, I lost your email address and I wanted to ask you about a question that I think you had (I think it was you) about a site tracker???

Was that you?

Sorry if this sounds crazy, but I just wanted to double check with you.

Nancy Willing said...

uh oh, he got wind of the Rich Collins column over at FSP, perhaps.

I will check it out.

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