Saturday, January 13, 2007


I'm having a lazy Saturday, nursing my sciatic nerve and limited to gentle activity. This seems a perfect time to try for a new look for the old blog.

I'm particularly keen on adding a third column.

Please pardon the virtual dust.... Things may look goofy now and again as I work through this.



Brian Mann said...

Hey man! Way to mix up the look and I just saw that you gave me a shout out and that you linked me up!

Thanks a ton.

"Imaginative fellow" Nice!

You haven't tried any of things that I suggested, have you? For your back, I mean...

Sleeping on the floor?
Legs up on the couch or a chair? said...

It looks good, Mike. I like that particular Flickr badge...I'll probably be switching to that myself, soon.

Just discovered your site. Thanks for the linkage.


Mike Mahaffie said...

Brian, I did try the floor, with my legs up, last night for a while. That wasn't working for me, though. I think that something about the way my lower back is acting up is different. I have also found that sitting upright on a hard chair is comfortable, which isn't supposed to be the case. Overall, though, your advice has been a great help.

Daniel, glad you dropped by. I like your idea of occasional blogging breaks. Welcome back!

Brian Mann said...

OK, Mike. Just wanted to make sure that you gave it a whack.

I hope it gets better fast.

galaxy girl said...

*squeal* i'm back on The List! LOVE the new look, Mike!

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