Thursday, June 29, 2006

Senior Delinquent?

We live in a wonderful small town that has been colonized by retirees the last few years. In fact, the whole Lewes/Rehoboth area has attracted a large number of retired and nearly retired folks. We're used to seeing more white hair than brown.

This morning though, an older gentleman surprised my eye.

I had an early dentist appointment and was heading out for work about an hour later than usual. I stopped by the new WaWa for a coffee treat (I'd been a brave little dental patient).

As I stepped out of my car, I noticed a man squatting against the side wall of the store. He wore dungarees and a tank-top tee shirt and a pair of those slip-on canvas sneakers. His hair was only a little long, but was lightly greased back in a modified DA.

He had a cigarette cupped in one hand and he stared off into space as he took a long, deep drag. Then he stood up, flicked the half-smoked butt out into the parking lot and slouched into the store.

I couldn't help thinking: "senior delinquent."
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