Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Cold. But Sunny and Quiet.

Lighthouse 6
I had an extra day off for New Year's because of the National Day of Mourning for President Gerald Ford. Delaware State Government offices were closed. I took the opportunity to walk around the Point of Cape Henlopen in the afternoon. With my camera.

It was cold, but not as cold as it should have been in January. The sun was shining strongly and the sky was appropriately blue.

The beach was empty, but for a few seagulls. It was wonderfully solo out there.

There were untouched, newly blown dunes. The tide was low, offering me shallows to explore and offering snacks for the gulls.

The winter air was clear, offering a glimpse of Cape May on the northern horizon.

A walk around the point features two historic lighthouses. The Harbor of Refuge Light is on the outer breakwater off the point of the Cape. The East End Lighthouse is on the inner breakwater, within the inner arc of the Point. I take lots of pictures of these.

Crossing the dune, back to the Point Parking lot, I noticed one of the Delaware River and Bay Pilots Association boats headed out into the Atlantic. As I reached the top of the dune, I could see a large container ship waiting just off Hen and Chicken Shoals.

I took much this same photo walk with Christina late last January. I think it should become a tradition.


Joe M said...

Beautiful photos as always, Mike!

Dino said...

Wow you have a perfect blog for me Mike.
Cape Henlopen State Park hmmm...
One more place to write down in my where-to-go-in-delaware list
I like the pictures on your Flickr too

Nancy Willing said...

Mike inspires us all. I feel as though I am standing right next to him. I think I will "borrow" this pic so I can look at it more often!!

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