Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We Keep It Tight, Apparently

The Town of Smyrna municipal election went down to the wire this week and the race for Mayor appears to have been decided by two votes. As the News Journal reported it this morning (Absentee vote gives Smyrna mayor win) it was a handful of absentee ballots, some handed out by the Mayor himself, that turned the tide.

Yes, it's another close race demonstrating just how divided we can be.

Smyrna has been growing, and growing fast. There was strong sentiment in the town that it has been growing too fast. In a state where incumbents used to be bullet-proof, it's interesting to see yet another very close call for an incumbent.

The question in this case, as in the earlier Sussex County Council race, is will the winners take the evidence of a divided and uncertain electorate to heart?

It's a question that applies at the national level as well. Of course, if you read this blog, you probably know my feelings on that score.

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The Delawarean said...

You know, before I "left" I had converted all those wonderful aerials that we had to true color. They were quite beautiful. Hmm, shame they'll never see the light of day...

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