Sunday, April 24, 2005

Second Golf Game of 2005

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Christina and I played nine holes on the executive-length Heritage Golf Course, between Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, today.

At nine years old, Christina is starting to learn the basics of the game. So nine holes was a nice practice outing for me and a lesson for Christina.

The day started with sunshine, but got more and more cloudy, windy, and cold as we played. The weather wasn't as nasty as it was for my first game of the year.

My game wasn't great, but I had a few good shots. Christina hit a fine shot just after this photo; a nine-iron that had that nice arc and decent distance. On the ninth tee, she hit another great shot that went at least 100 yards.

Now she knows about that one shot per game that keeps you coming back.


The Delawarean said...

I've been ordered that I will be playing golf on a regular basis now with my new job. This is bad because I haven't picked up a club in over 4 years and I now have to get new clubs because all mine are broken. Well not all of them, just the ones that didn't hit straight. (all but one, I think)

Mike said...

Yeah, man. And Brian is a Golfer, with a capital "G"!

But hey, you live near Artis Drive, yes? There's a cheap driving range there....

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