Friday, April 22, 2005

Hey! A Gravity-Monument Photo!

I was just doing a quasi-random search on Flickr. I searched on "Colby" and "Maine" to see what images there might be of my alma mater. I found a nice shot from gavinOB of the Babson Gravity Monument on the Colby College campus that was the subject of one of my earliest blog posts.

I too had to have a photo of this; but took mine back in 1989 when Karen and I visited the campus for my fifth reunion and I had only a film camera. That photo is in an album somewhere, waiting for me to get my old stuff scanned.

When I first met up with this bit of stone and the idea carved on it, as a confused 18-year old, I took great comfort from it as evidence that I wasn't the only deeply weird person in the world.

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NonDairy said...

Interestingly, Tufts University has an identical stone.

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