Saturday, April 16, 2005


This is a very nice car, but is it really so nice that this driver had to take up two spaces in a crowded hotel parking garage?

We took the girls down into Ocean City today. They are competing in a dance contest today and tomorrow. The contest is at the Princess Royale, which has a smallish parking garage. It was hard enough to find a space without this ... person ... claiming two spaces in an effort to keep his or her precious car from getting a ding.

I have to admit, when I see a car parked this way, I face the following temptations:
  • Somehow wedge my car tightly in right next to the offending car so that they either can't get in the thing or can't get it out of the space.
  • Bump into it anyway. (Not really. Somehow this one, and scratching the paint with my key, are ones I won't even consider)
  • Leave a nasty note.
  • Take a picture with my digital camera and put it on-line.
The better move, I guess would be to inform the hotel manager. That, I think, is what the guy who was walking by when I took this picture seems to have done. When we came out later the car was parked properly.

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Neil said...

Haha...I see this every day in a small parking garage in Wilmington I park in to go to work. However, I have the advantage of finding out who is doing it it.

muha haaaaa!

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