Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Election Update: Bennett Concedes

Down by 3 votes, Sussex County Council Candidate Jud Bennett has conceded defeat to Lynn Rogers. Apparently, a week-end worth of reflection led Jud to decide to end his challenge.

I enjoyed this part of the story, a reminder of the civilizing fact of local elections:

Rogers, a Milton Democrat, and Bennett ran into each other Sunday over breakfast at a Rehoboth Beach restaurant. Bennett said he told Rogers that he was going to concede and wished him well.

I have to wonder which local eatery's Sunday Brunch drew both Lynn Rogers and Judd Bennett this week-end. This is why I am glad to have moved to a small city.

In a related note, an editorial about this election in today's Cape Gazette calls for the incumbents, some of whom had closer-than-expected reelections, to address some of the concerns that fueled their challengers and their voters:
Sussex is in the position of being a highly attractive place to live. With great natural and financial resources available to create departments and hire excellent personnel, we can maintain and enhance our quality of life while protecting property values.

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