Sunday, March 6, 2005

Irony, Anyone?

I've been enjoying the on-going story of dissension in the ranks of the Delaware GOP following the last election. Not because I am a democrat, I am (and a liberal one), but because it seems to highlight some of the things that drive me crazy about both major parties: mostly that sense that party members have to toe the line regardless of common sense or regardless of what may be best for their constituents.

Terry Strine, the current head of the Delaware republican party, is being challenged in his bid for reelection to the post in part because of charges that he, or at least his family, supported democrat candidates in some downstate races. Those charges come from, among others, Jud Bennet, from my home town, who lost his race for County Council by only 3 votes.

Most recently, a small stink arose at the state GOP Committee's annual dinner, which featured Bob Elder of the infamous "Swift Boat Veterans," when an e-mail criticizing Mr. Strine was sent out by a group calling itself "Swift Boat Republicans for Truth." ('Swift Boat' group criticizes GOP chair, from the 3/5/05 News Journal)

That raised a few hackles.

With an election for a new party chairman just weeks away, Delaware GOP National Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw said the e-mails violate the party tenet that members should not speak badly of one another.

"There are people who are out to destroy our party," Rakestraw said in a quick speech before Elder took the stage at the Dover Sheraton. "There are people who are using the Swift Boat name to advance their own political agenda. If we're going to have a campaign, let's campaigning on the issues - not engage in smear campaigns."

Yes. Let's do stop resorting to all the smear campaigns, shall we?

By the way. Everyone seems to be wondering just who these "Swift Boat republicans" might be. Let's see, who do we know in this whole mess that has some tie-in with boats? May I quietly point out that Mr. Bennett was a Delaware Bay Pilot?

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