Wednesday, March 9, 2005

My Own Subdivision!

Welcome to the Woods of Mahaffie, a new 34-lot subdivision in Olathe, Kansas.

I was expecting this new neighborhood to be closer to the Mahaffie House and Stagecoach Shop, the historic site in Olathe that several generations ago was an inn run by some of my forebears. It turns out to be somewhat north of that site (see the neat google map). The subdivision site is on the east side of N. Nelson Rd., across from W. 122nd St.

I used the Olathe city web site's on-line map system to nail down the location. A nice Internet Map Service, by the way.

I shared the plot map with some of my colleagues at the State Planning Office.

"Kinda cookie-cutter," was the reaction. I guess I have to agree.

Still, there are 34 lots in this thing. The branch of the Mahaffie clan that I'm part of numbers just about that now. If Karen and I and our kids and my siblings and siblings-in-law and parents and nieces and nephews each bought a lot, we'd just about fill the place up (with maybe one lot left for a clubhouse?).

Then we could rename it: "The Woods (Full) of Mahaffie(s)"


The Delawarean said...

GeoPINS for everyone!!!

NPR Junky said...

Mike, then everyone could have their own street....but your mail carriers would get real confused, I do suspect.

Friendly Realtor said...

NOT cookie cutter!! This is a beautiful community! I'd love to sell everyone in your family a home in here!! Check out our site now for community updates!

Mike said...

Friendly Realtor,

Sorry. We didn't mean to offend. It is not a bad looking development. I took a few moments to peruse the website today and things look like they are coming along well. I like the new site plan and the house models look nice. What kind of down payment would I need for Lot 16, I wonder?

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