Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Driving Back From A Meeting in Annapolis

Here's an odometer reading you don't see very often.


Veda said...

Hehe! That's funny - great timing!

I'm curious about the gear display. What kind of car is that?

Tara said...

And such a safe speed, too. :-)

The Delawarean said...

Yeah, Mike, I'm glad to see that you pulled over safely to take that shot... haha!

Mike said...


That's the gearing display of my 2005 Toyota Prius, of which I am very proud.

It has a simple electronic gear shift, with (N)eutral, (D)rive, (R)everse, and (B)rake (that is: Engine Braking, which I never use; living in an entirely flat place).

Tara and Del,

Yeah, Yeah. I was safe. That's a not-looking-at-the-camera digital snap. I keep the camera on the passenger set so I can grab it, turn it on with the one hand, and try for a quick shot.

Veda said...

Gotta love 'Toys! :)

Engine braking works on flat land. Just go fast enough to begin with... ::chuckle!::

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