Friday, March 11, 2005

On Reynolds Pond

Sunset, Reynolds Pond, on Route 30 north of Milton, Delaware. March 10, 2005


Veda said...

...Have I not yet mentioned that I love these photos? All of them, these nature scenes with incredible lighting effects. Then, that even those are naturally produced...amazing shots!
(ps, I don't always comment as I don't know much on the politics and goings-on of Delaware.) :)

Mike said...

Thanks Veda! I have to confess that I tweak the brightness and contrast a tad on these photos sometimes, and I think cropping is a key to the art. But I also take pride in finding shots at sunset. In cinema they talk about the golden moment in natural lighting. Dawn and dusk, I think, when the natural light is filtered and colored by passing obliquely through the atmosphere.

I understand about not commenting on the Delaware-specific stuff. This blogging thing presents an interesting challenge: the need to find a balance between the political and the personal. I've tried to stay with personal reflections on the political, but I know my bias will show trough from time to time.

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