Thursday, March 10, 2005

What Do They Think We Do Around Here?

This is the bulletin board across from the elevators on the first floor of the Thomas Collins Building, in Dover, where I work.

Something about this has been bugging me as I pass to and from my humble office.

The Calvary Assembly of God's flier is to be expected, as is the Longaberger Basket Bingo party that's set, in Camden, for the Ides of March.

There are the usual cards from the Masonry Contractor, from Handyman Sam, and from the Party Planner.

There are memos from the Building Management people telling us why we're too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer. And someone has posted a news brief on donating coats to the needy.

All this I understand.

But, the card that has caught my eye each time I use the elevator is the card from ASAP Bail Bonds. That one puzzles me.

Of course, I am certain that when one needs a bail bondsman one needs that bail bondsman as soon as possible indeed. But what possible need is a building full of state employees likely have for that no-doubt valuable service, soon or late?

Lawyers? Possibly. Psychologists? Maybe. Massage therapists? Definitely.

But a Bail Bondsman? Man, I hope not.


The Delawarean said...

Awww... Mike, did you post that for me?

Wait... don't take it down yet... I'm getting a pen to take that number down...

Veda said...

The colour contrast of the Assembly of God one definitely caught my attention first, but the verticle lines drew my eyes upward where they easily rested (and curiosity peaked, so I settled them) on the bail bonds card. Oddly, the whole thing looks like something Tarantino would use as the main menu for film on dvd.

Butterfly said...

hee hee.

That was the first thing I noticed in your picture too!

Can you just imagine one of your co-workers getting hauled away to jail thinking "damn! I should have taken down that number!"

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