Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Are You as Sick of the Election as I Am?

Don't get me wrong. It's hugely important that we all go out next Tuesday and vote. Who-ever you vote for, you must vote. We don't deserve our Democracy if we don't. (Or maybe we do?)

But I am sick of the partisans, and the TV ads, and the attacks. I'm ready to vote. Can it be election day yet?

GusOn the other hand, it was cool to run into Levy Court At-Large Candidate W.G. Edmanson at Spence's Bazaar today.

I was walking my lunch. Mr. Edmanson had rented a space in the weekly flea market that forms at Spence's each Tuesday. He was there to meet possible voters and hand-out literature and lawn-signs.

I told him that I don't vote in Kent County, but that I wished him luck. I asked him how the Spence's booth was working. He said he's "not one of those in-your-face politicians" (I think I remembered that right) and that he was just there to give things away.

He seemed like a nice fellow.


Nancy Willing said...

That is a unique place to campaign!!

Mark said...

Yes!!! Thank you for being brave enough to say what I have only thought. I have decided the only way I can avoid the onslaught of negative ads is to keep the TV off until November 8th. It's done wonders for the pile of reading material I have accumulated.

Anonymous said...

The Republican road to victory is to diminish voter turnout, hoping their faithful continue to vote/ The Democrats need to rally the rest of the population, to step up and be counted.

This is the battle we expect to see. Republicans will send out messages, bizarre to most of us, but meant to rally the faithful behind them. They will step up negative bashing of opponents because that turns off most voters who will say “screw it, what difference does it make.” and stay home.

What does this mean for America?

Particularly it means that we, as a country, stalemate. We spin wheels, make a lot of noise, and go nowhere. Meanwhile everything else moves forward while we sit around and wait. Jobs go elsewhere, profits go elsewhere, goods and services go elsewhere. The economy goes elsewhere, funds for the military shrivel up and eventually there is no more USA.

What can we do about it?

We need to get every American to vote. This gives a read on what the American people want. After all, by the Constitution, they are the trustees of the country.. Once all voters step up and make their wishes known, the minority parties fade away never to be heard again joining the Federalists, the Whigs, the Greenbacks, the Populists, the Communists, the Socialists, the Bull Moose, and the Reform party in the political graveyard.

Exactly what needs done?

Everyone needs to vote, and vote often.

What can make them do that?

A tragedy like a Depression, or Terrorist act that can be pinned on the incompetence of the current minority party. OR a candidate who excites the patriotism embedded in all Americans and LEADS THEM TO THE POLLS

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