Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Onward and Upward, Into Fifth Grade

Christina, First Day of Fifth Grade, 9/5/06And then it was Christina's turn to pose for her First Day of School photo.

Christina began fifth grade today, moving up to the second floor of the Southern Delaware School of the Arts (SDSA).

Colleen started at Sussex Tech last week.

Karen is back to full-time at SDSA this year. She team-teaches, specializing in helping out special-ed kids. She had been part-time the last two years.

For Karen and I as a couple, this will be our ninth year as SDSA parents. It will be odd to go to school functions and now only see the parents of kids in Christina's class. We had gotten used to also seeing the parents of Colleen's class-mates; a group that is mostly our age. The folks we'll rub shoulders with now at assemblies and performances are mostly younger then we are.

One interesting note of newness for Christina: there is now a set of quadruplets in fifth grade with her. I assume they are split among the two fifth grade classes. Christina says some of them look alike, but others don't.

We were all excited to be fully back in the school year. Shoe was not too thrilled, though. He'll miss his human friends while we're away all day.

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