Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yup. I Voted.

Polling Place
I did my civic duty today, just like I was asked to by the nice man from the party who called last night. I voted in the Delaware Primary Election this evening at the polling place of the 1st Election District of the 37th Representative District.

When I came down Savannah Road towards the old Lewes Middle School, where we vote, I saw lots of cars parked along the road. I was pleased, since I had heard that turn-out had been light. I was a bit surprised to see two young women in National Guard fatigues standing outside the front door. When I approached the door, they handed me a folded, xeroxed sheet.

I had gone to the wrong door. There was some sort of program scheduled in the school building. The polling place was the next set of doors down; the entrance by the cafeteria/auditorium. There was no one parked there.

In my defense, the door I first went to is one where the polling place has been set up at least once in the past.

When I got to the right spot, I found I was the only voter in the place. No waiting.

Poll WorkersAfter I voted, the poll workers were kind enough (bored enough?) to let me take their group portrait.

They told me that they had seen about 200 voters by that point (around 7:00 p.m.). They said that that was about what they expected. There were only two races for that District, one each for Ds and Rs.

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