Monday, September 25, 2006

Mount Up

Mount UpI took a lunch-walk around the Green in Dover today. It was a crisp, blue-sky day, so I took some pictures.

The Green has a few marble mounting-blocks on the brick sidewalks outside some of the more venerable Victorian houses. These were most likely once used to help ladies and gentlemen climb into their carriages. I imagine they may also have been used to help folks mount their horses.

I've always thought they were a quaint addition to the historic-ness of the Green. I was charmed today to find a Mustang waiting patiently by one of the mounting blocks.
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Bill said...

Nice photos. I really enjoy walking around the Green, though it's been a while since the last time I had a chance to visit. I'll have to take my camera, and make a field trip.

ColossusHube said...

Is that your Mustang?

Mike said...

No. Not my car. Though I always thought the Mustang was a cool little car.

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