Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Toy

Chiminea 4
This is my anniversary gift from the lovely Karen. She had decided that I should have one of these Chimineas, which I have wanted since I saw my friend Andy's, but she asked me to find the right one for me.

This is a nice gift. I like to burn wood.

I took a vacation day yesterday to take Christina to an orthodontist appointment. After I dropped her back at school, I had time to wander around under cloud-flecked blue skies and take a few photos.

I found this Chiminea at a shop along Route 113, north of Selbyville. I liked the flower motif and the fact that it has two openings.

I had time for a first fire late in the afternoon. I'm told one needs to start small, with modest fires that are allowed to burn slowly out, to cure the Chiminea. I hope to try another this evening, if we have time.

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Donviti said...

I think I may ask for one for my birthday. A nice bottle of wine and a cigar during the fall may be a heck of a treat.

hope you enjoy it.

I also wanted to point out a line in your blog

"I like to burn wood"

I like that line....

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