Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Window on Dover

Looking Out On State StreetThis is one of my earliest digital photos, and a favorite. I'm terribly proud of it.

I took this shot from inside the Schwartz Center in Dover in September of 2004. A group of us were scouting the Schwartz Center as a potential site for an event.

Earlier this week, walking back to my office past this spot on a beautiful fall day, I realized that I needed to try to see the other side of this view.

Cityscape 2On a clear, blue-skied day, the view from outside the window is fascinating.

I took a series of shots, trying to find a combination on the windows, the sky, the clouds, the church, the old brick buildings, and chimneys.

I think I like these new shots even more. There's an abstract quality that appeals to me. I like the way the windows scramble the various elements of the State Street streetscape.


Paul said...

very nice!

Heidi said...

Great shot. I know you took a series of them, but did you plan and wait for the right time of day, or did the impulse simply strike at a time when the sun supported your muse?

I found your blog in an odd way; reading a Case blog at lunch I followed a link and then another and somehow through the vortex I fell upon your photo of the Gravity Monument at Colby. I just took a photo of it last month, so I thought I would share that. Aside from a bunch of new bldgs Colby looks pretty much the same. Although they are renovating the new (to us) student center because apparently it didn't function well. (That was very clear years ago at my first homecoming)

Good to see that Delaware is treating you well. Keep up the great photography.

Colby '85

Mike said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Heidi, This was somewhat spur of the moment. I am lucky to work in the older, and more picturesque part of Dover and often take walks at lunch, particularly in the fall and spring when Dover is at its loveliest. I happened by the spot and realized that the reflections might work. So I took lots of shots. This series includes those that I thought worked best.

Refresh my (fading, middle-aged) memory: on your blog you refer to me as a friend of a classmate?

I enjoyed your photo of the gravity monument and your link to the Echo story was a nice addition to my reading. Thanks!

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