Sunday, September 17, 2006

Out From Under The Clouds

It's not that I haven't had anything to say the last few days. It's just that I have felt too cruddy to want to put together a blog entry.

My first cold of the new school year started Wednesday, and built to a crescendo of congestion, sneezing, and headache yesterday. I tried lots of fluids, some rest, and moderate medication. I awoke feeling a bit more human this morning.

Yesterday, feeling too lousy to get about much, I started playing with LibraryThing. It's not particularly new, but is new to me. It allows you to create an index of your library.

I did wander outside at one point while a crop-duster was working on one of the fields just outside of Lewes.

Today was nice enough, and I was feeling chipper enough, to get out and mow the lawn. I was finally able to get an almost decent photo of one of the many spiders that have set-up shop around the outside of the house.

This evening, while Colleen was exercising her horse, I got to play around with, and photograph, the new kittens at the barn.
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