Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It Is An Ill Blog Post That Yields No New Words

I was going to swear-off pointing to "I Hate Delaware" blog postings, but one of the several that have resulted from Christmas traffic back-ups on I-95 in northern Delaware offers a word I had not heard: Shunpiking.

I found that word in a set of links on avoiding the Delaware Turnpike at the end of a post entitled "Ban Delaware" on Backwards City.

Shunpiking refers, of course, to finding ways around toll routes. The drive-around for the Delaware Turnpike has been the subject of some on-line conversation lately.

The fuss, by the way, tends to arise from traffic back-up associated with the toll plazas on I-95. Complainers advocate doing away with those tolls, or with Delaware altogether.

We can't get rid of the tolls, though. Our state runs on cash from out-of-staters. It's worked well so far; why change now?


MOT Newbie said...

As more of those complaint posts pop up, the more I am inclined to rename DE's stretch of I-95 to the "Too Lazy To Read A Map, So Let's Bilk Them Highway...Oh, Go Ahead and Laugh and Point, Too." Hmm...possibly too wordy.

MOT Newbie said...

I posted too quick...let's think about this. If Driver WAAHH from Wash or Baltimore is going north to PA, NJ, NY, etc. (or vice-versa), what other options do they have with the tolls? They can take US RT1 and enjoy the Conowingo, but...well, enjoy the timing of that ride. At least they will keep moving, I guess.

Let's take stock...there is always US 40...oh, no...nevermind, the Hatem Bridge (East bound). Oh, how about taking US301 down to the bay and...oh, no...can't do that, either. They can go far out of there way and instead take I-81 or I-83 from MD to PA and then go I-76, and...oh, no, can't do that, either. Hmm...they can move to DE and then they are already here!

Yeah, let's just laugh and point instead.

Nancy Willing said...

US RT1 and enjoy the Conowingo

that route is beautiful but very long and there are a ton of lights if you stay on 1 very long
no dice!

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