Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Family Affair

Mahaffies 2
This weekend, Karen, Colleen, Christina and I performed together in the Sussex Ballet's production of The Nutcracker.

Well. Colleen and Christina performed. Karen and I helped fill-out the party scene that starts the ballet.

Karen played the part of a lovely lady party-guest. In Green.

I played the part of the old guy who appears to be the man of the house where the party takes place, but who doesn't really dance all that well.

It was cool to be on-stage again. I used to do lots of community theater back before we had children. I enjoy it.

This was particularly fun. I was playing a very small part, with no pressure.

And I had the opportunity, at least for the first scene, to watch my girls dance from on-stage next to them.


Veda said...

That's just plain cool. :)

Nancy Willing said...

a few of my siblings have retaken the stagein their kid's productions over the years and really enjoyed it. One brother was a stage crew AV guy in HS so he also worked lighting and staging which his daughter has taken up.

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