Thursday, December 21, 2006

Me? I'm Tickled. Tickled Pink.

I am happier than I probably should be about this, but I am quite pleased that Mike's Musings is recognized in the January issue of Delaware Today magazine in a brief list of "10 Delacentric blogs you've got to see."
Mahaffie waxes poetic on many subjects with a high degree of grace and humor. His subjects run the gamut from art to politics to family life, but we especially enjoy his musings on Sussex County culture.
That's very nice. I do try for grace and I value humor.

The list includes a few of my favorites: Down With Absolutes, Delaware Watch, Kilroy, Hube and the boys at Rhodey, and Pulp Culture.

It left out some of my favorites too: TommyWonk, Sneaking Suspicions, First State Politics, and Delawareliberal (where they were somewhat miffed).


jason said...

Some of my outrage was pure musical theater. (some of it.)

Sanjay said...

Yay to you for the mention man!

Paul said...

congrats! next stop..Technorati top 100!

KB3JUV said...

Great Work!

Mike Mahaffie said...

Thanks fellers! And Jason, when they do add you to the list, I think the description should read, in part: "Some of it is pure musical theater!"

Nancy Willing said...

Mike, you have a wonderful blog and now more folks will come have a look!

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