Monday, December 18, 2006

Neologism #1 (Updated)

  1. (adj) : The state of being badly messed up or having gone seriously wrong as the result of two or more related things having gone wrong.

    "First the car wouldn't start, and then it started raining; my morning was, like, totally confunktified!"

  2. (adj) : Made funkier by the combination of two or more instances of funkiness.

    "When the bass joined the drums, things got confunkified."

Etymology: This word was first coined by my colleague Dorothy Morris' teen-aged daughter Rebecca. (Circa 2006) May be derived from "funkified" (to make funky).

I believe that this word may actually count as a protologism.

Update: I checked with Dorothy and found that I had gotten the word slightly wrong. I was thinking "confunkified", rather than "confunktified." The former may indeed suggest "becoming more funky," but I think confunktified, with its slight odor of disaster, offers a richer (almost olfactory) imagery.

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