Thursday, November 30, 2006

In Which We Find Our Christmas Tree up on a Small Hill Way at the Back of the Christmas Tree Farm

In the Pines
We went out to Sposato's Tree Farm last Saturday to look for our Christmas Tree. It took a while. We all have a slightly different vision of what our tree should be.

We found trees with Grasshoppers living in them. We found trees with crooked trunks. Some were to small. some were too big. Some had bald spots. Some were uneven.One was host to a Praying Mantis.

Eventually, we made our way out to the back of the tree farm, up a slight hill. From there, we could see the whole place.

And there we found our tree.


MOT Newbie said...

Hey, Charlie Brown, did you get the nice, pink aluminum tree?

We already got ours, too. Up here, it is Coleman's Farm. We brought a BIG mosquito and two bag worms home with us (in the tree, of course).

Lee-ann said...

How beautiful! your tree is and what a lovely smell must be filling your home right about now! there is nothing like the special way a tree can fill your home with the fragrance of pine and the feelings a peace!

your blog is lovely and I look forward to another visit soon.

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