Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Oh, For Pity's Sake

I'm on many e-mail distribution lists. I'm an information junkie.

One of the lists I'm on is the e-mail list of the "Positive Growth Alliance," a pro-developer PAC-type group formed by property-rights activists (developers) to counter the many growth-control groups that have arisen in recent years in response to what many see as out of control development in Coastal Sussex County, Delaware.

The Positive Growth Alliance people are nothing if not self-promoters. Their election day e-missive today centers around this:
For up-to-the-minute ELECTION RESULTS, please visit the POSITIVE GROWTH ALLIANCE WEBSITE and click on the link that says ELECTION RESULTS on the center of the home page.
The excessive CAPITALIZATION is theirs. not mine.

I was curious to see how this crowd might present the election results, so I dutifully clicked through to their home page and clicked on the big, red, "ELECTION RESULTS" link that I found there.

It took me directly to the Delaware Commissioner of Elections web site and its Election Results page.

Why not just send a friendly e-mail reminding people where to find the official election results? If you must direct people to your own web page, shouldn't you offer some original content? Some analysis? Some thought?

Or did they just want to count clicks?


Nancy Willing said...

oh, I am still up having not been able to turn in until MO gives up a hint of if DEMs are taking the senate.
Positive Growth Alliance mailing list sounds positively fascinating.
The first time I ran across their size-fetish was traveling down to Rehoboth and passing their billboard.
I was going to Joan Deaver's house for a meeting, as fate wouldhave it!

MOT Newbie said...

Thank you for identifying that PAC! David Anderson is bad mouthing someone I have huge respect for (Dick Cathcart) and I challenged him in an email. Now I know the nature of his disdain. Mr. Anderson is either part of Positive Growth Alliance or supports them and anyone that really knows Cathcart knows he has become a roadblock to development interests! Thank you!!!!

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