Saturday, November 11, 2006

There Comes A Time to Stop the Cheering

We went out to a sports-bar type of restaurant this evening. It was crowded, so we were put at a table in the bar section.

The bar features a huge television screen, on which was showing the Penn State game against Temple. Penn State won the game, 47 to 0.

The bar was crowded with Penn State fans. Alumni, I would guess. They were very proud.

With each interception by Penn State, each score, each big play, the bar crowd erupted in cheers.

But here's what puzzles me. When the score is already 41-zip in the third quarter; when the other team is completely routed; when you've put in your freshmen and they are walking all over the other team; is it really appropriate to cheer deleriosusly when your team does well?

Isn't the whole thing kind of already over?

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Nancy Willing said...

perhaps alcohol's contributing but...perhaps not.

Duffy said...

Penn State fans and alums are very insecure people. That's why they continue to cheer and why they brag about going to Penn State as if it were Harvard. (The only necessary qualification for PA residents to get into Penn State is that when you drool, you have to hit the application form.)

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