Monday, October 9, 2006

It's a Small World Web

Heidi Cool, over at Case Western Reserve University, refers to an earlier Musings entry in a posting on the value of links within blog postings: From Case to Colby in 8 jumps: The value and vagaries of external links.

She'd followed links from an unrelated blog posting at Case and, within 8 links, found my entry on the Babson Gravity Monument from back in April of 2005. She points to a Colby Echo article on the monument, which I found most interesting.

Ms. Cool and I were at Colby together; she graduated a year after I did and I remember the name, I think. She certainly remembered mine.

She's right, it's the links within blog posts that make for information flow and discovery. I think we all have a duty to try to find new things to point to, to spread knowledge.

Sometimes, I'm afraid, we tend to get into ruts and blog about, and point to, the same things and the same places, over and over. I will try to break out of that mold and cast my web-net farther afield.


jason s said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

Is there a reason (other than slamming Ryan) that you posted this here?

jason said...

He put it everywhere. I was duped into thinking it was a real comment.

Mike said...

Thanks for the update, Jason. I have deleted the comment.

I have had occasional visits from a blog-vandal. Usually I just delete such comments, but this one was borderline.

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