Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Delaware (The Band) Update

Morty Black stopped by Mike's Musings early today. Morty is a member of the Norwegian rock band Delaware. He left a comment on my posting about that band from last month.

Mr. Black has cleared up one mystery; he says the band named itself in honor of the 1992 debut album by The Drop Nineteens. Not only is the album named "Delaware," it includes a song of that name as well. Trouser Press described it as "mid-range Dinosaur Youth aggression."

Sadly, iTunes has let me down on that one.

Morty also says "We'll definitely come by [Delaware] if we go touring the states!"

That sounds cool, Morty. Have your tour planners book you into The Bottle and Cork. You'll want to play "the greatest rock'n'roll bar in the world."

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