Sunday, October 15, 2006

Did You Know That There is a Norwegian Alternative Rock Band Named "Delaware?"

I didn't. But there is.

Petter, Morty, Joffe and Richard make up a band called Delaware, out of Drammen, Norway. They use MySpace and a blog to market themselves and have two albums out: ...and everything reminds me and Lost In The Innocence Of Beauty.

They describe their music as "characterized by vocalist Richard Holmsen's both angelic and raw, desperate voice." And they say that their concerts include "delicate, almost acoustic ballads that turn into monsters of screaming guitars and pounding drums."

Though the question is asked in their delawaremuzic community forum, I have not been able to discover why they call themselves "Delaware."

They have never been to the First State.
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Nancy Willing said...

Maybe they emulate Televison, Delaware's best band.

Morty Black said...

Hi there!
Morty from delaware speaking.The band that is... :D
We actually stole our name from a record by the drop nineteens. They released and album titled delaware about a decade ago.But we`ve learned alot about the state since then :D We`ll definitely come by if we go touring the states!

Best regards

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